The Importance of a Website

A website is the first impression that clients see of your business. Before a client has called your number or visited your business, many will look for a website. With your input, I develop the website to meet not only your needs, but your clients as well. Not only does this help sell your merchandise or service, but it markets your organization too. Give your business a boost with an online presence and ensure that more people become aware of your organization with your very own website. Call today for a free consultation at (843) 433-3135 or use the form at the Contact Page.


Web DesigningThe first steps to building a website is deciding on a Domain Name, try for one that is short and easy to remember. After that the person must decide what they wish the site's design and functions to be. What exactly does the owner wish the website to do? Who will be visiting the site? Clients, or the casual reader? Call me for a free consultation at (843) 433-3135, and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Web Development

After the consultation and the goals of the project are known, I can then plan accordingly. I like to make a website map, or a “blueprint”, of the websites structure, the specifications and a timeline for completion dates.

Next is designing the interface and getting the clients approval. Once everyone has reached an agreement, I will write the html and css code or any other programming language that may be necessary. I then do a thorough testing of the website to ensure there are no problems.

Website Hosting

Clients need a dependable server host to carry their website live across the Internet. Prices for a host can vary, however, I will provide free hosting for a year on small websites I build. Websites hosted by:

Lunarpages Internet Solutions

Website Developer